Haya.Org offers you variety of Arabic Hymns and Services over the internet
To play these sound clips you need to have:

  • RealPlayer software (free of charge, but require to be installed); to install it click below
  • Sound card
  • Speakers
  • Your PC should be least 66 MHz. (Pentium is recommended)

Installation of Real Player


We receive many questions about how to burn Real Audio files to CD's. 
You can use a software called Boilsoft RM to MP3 converter to convert 
Real Audio files to MP3 then burn them to CD. You can use any search 
engine to find this software.

Real.com is not offering the free version of real player anymore. If 
you have any old free version it should work.
You can also download winamp (from winamp.com) the free version then 
download this plugin to enable it to play real audio. The plugin is 
Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin v1.0.3b for Winamp 
you can get it from

You need to have the trial version for real player installed on your PC 
to enable it to work with winamp. This is even if the trial period has 
How to Download and Listen to Real Audio?


Downloading will enable you to listen to the Sermon or song many times without any interruption and without connecting to the Internet.

To Download:

1-Right Click on the Download option (RA or MP3 or )

2-Choose Save Target as

3- A screen will show you the site on your hard disk where this file is being stored. PLEASE KNOW where is this file stored. 

4- When download is complete go to the site where the file is stored on the Hard Disk. It is stored in either Real Audio (RA) or MP3 format.

5- Click on the file, the Audio material should start automatically if you have downloaded Real Audio 7 or 8   (see above)


How to Download and Listen to Mp3: 

Use your mouse to RIGHT click on the icon MP3. Then chose save target as. Make sure that you know where is the file is downloaded. Then click on the file it will play the song. If you have downloaded Real audio 7 or 8 before then you will have  MP3 player which is Real Jukebox. Please note that some of the MP3 files will work better with Real Jukebox that is included in Real Audio 7 or 8. This is because these files are condensed as we are limited by disk space.

Click on this link to download Real Player 8 with Real Jukebox.You can choose real player basic which is free.

You can also use Download Accelerator for downloading. You can get it from this address (it is free)


 In order to use  Download Accelerator r you need to add RA in the options for files to be downloaded by the download accelerator. When you right click on the icon for download , It gives you many options, one of them is save target as, another option is download with Download Accelerator . If u choose download accelerator the file will be downloaded by it and it is  resume supported meaning if interruption occur the downloaded part is recoverable.
With Download Accelerator , select download, then options\configurations, then type RA. This will make RA files automatically download by Download Accelerator  when you click on the download option. Download Accelerator is good for those who have a slow internet connection. I have many friends in Egypt who usually use it for downloading.


It is easy, fun to do it and YOU can do it.

Please me if you have any problem.


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